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So I guess this is where I put a little about me! I was born and raised in Louisiana, and travelled a lot as a young adult. I’ve also had a lot of great experiences, from becoming a photographer for a travel agency to building amazing planes in my late 20’s. My wife and I have been together for ten years strong, and in my latter years I’ve settled down a lot and built my own business. She is the girl of my dreams and travels a lot herself.I am all too familiar with the craziness of trying to find the right place to live! Even though we don’t have any kids, we had to find something that was suitable for our furry family and even though that SOUNDS easy‚Ķit isn’t. That’s kind of what led me to real estate. I felt like I could really help people. Now that we live in Sachse, I feel like I belong here, and want to make my home your home, too. I specialize in both buying and selling, so no matter which you’re doing, I’ve got your back. As a seller’s agent, my main goal is presentation! I’m fastidious in ensuring my clients’ homes are in the tip-top shape they deserve. This will not only help the house sell faster at a higher price, it helps me get all of my perfectionist qualities out before I head home so I don’t annoy my wife!As a buyer’s agent, I like to ask questions and figure out what you really want. We all want something pretty, or with lots of bathrooms, but what’s important to you? What will make you feel at home in your new place? That’s what I listen for before I dive into finding your dream home because I know if I can find your real wants and needs that I can find the perfect fit for you.Whether we’re buying or selling together, I’m proud to say that my amazing negotiation and people skills learned throughout my varied career come in handy. I promise you won’t get handed a small check or overcharged for that house, even if it IS your dream home (and since you worked with me, we both know it is). Most of all, I know buying and selling is more than just a transaction and a handshake. It’s an experience, and likely one you’ll have to repeat in life. Let me help you make it a good experience you don’t dread doing again!

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The DFW metroplex has some really gorgeous houses for sale, even in the suburbs like Sachse. This gem of a town features both old and new build depending on your interests. Much of the old build comes in the style of beautiful, craftsman-style homes. These homes are usually well compartmentalized and pack a lot of punch into what is often not a lot of space. They are usually two story. This method of building homes was very popular throughout the 60’s, and many of the homes built then remain in beautiful shape to this day. Some have even been remodeled and feature open floorplans and extra bathrooms. These are great homes if you’re looking for adorable country-esque homes. A lot of these homes were hand-crafted, so they’re full of small wonders and character that can only be found in homes as old as these.We also have many homes that were built more recently that feature large backyards, huge open floorplans, and multiple dining and den areas for all your entertainment needs. Many new families are moving to Sachse to put down roots and customize their own build projects in communities, making the overall worth and class of the homes built at a higher marker than less affluent areas in DFW. A great combination of schools, college-educated people, and a lot of single-family properties makes Sachse a great place for all to call home.

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