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Billings has been a great little city for me and my family. I love the country life, and I’ll always love the quietness that Billings brings. I have two little girls whom also love the area, and have enjoyed growing up in a town where everyone knows their names and gives them quarters for bubble gums at the grocery store. In the past few years, Billings has really boomed, making it a great place to consider buying a home. I became a real estate agent here in Billings so that I could help people find the community spirit our ‘small’ town has. The entire area is quite beautiful as it is nestled between a river and the mountains, making it a beautiful and unique area to enjoy. My passion for this area is what brought me to finding clients in the real estate industry. Let me work for you. I promise that you’ll find the same peaceful feeling I’ve found here and will absolutely love what the city has to offer.Because Billings is small, I also serve Soda Springs, Laurel, and other surrounding areas.

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Houses in Billings, MT are very affordable, often coming in under 200K and venturing as low as 90K for a nice starter home in the heart of the city. Many of the houses here are completely unique because of the different eras they were built in. In addition, many custom builds exist here because of the affordable land available. Montana itself only has about a million people, and nearly 20% of that population lives in and around Billings. Often, the houses that come onto the market were built custom at some point or another. The older houses were built by hand by pioneers to the area, or those who could not afford to buy pre-built homes. Newer homes in Billings are constructed by contractors, though the details themselves are still custom. There are not many ‘tract’ homes here in Billings, and neighbors are not usually less than an acre away. Homes are also usually very spacious and have anywhere from 3 to 9 bedrooms to incorporate large families, ranch hands, and children. Even to this day, you can easily acquire a parcel of 2 or 3 acres of land for under 100k, especially in Montana City or Clancy. No matter where you choose to live, know one thing is for sure – you’re going to see LOTS of trees! Get ready for the freshest air, most beautiful blue skies, and gorgeous views you’ve ever seen.

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